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Watermarks are listed in index form and illustrated in a series of individual entries. Each watermark is linked to the choir book in which it appears by a specific ID. Individual entries are articulated as follows: ‘Description’ (watermark type), ‘Sheets’ (folios on which watermark appears), ‘Position’ (location of watermark on sheet), ‘Chain line width of paper (mm)’ (average distance between chain lines, in mm), ‘Date’ (proposed dating), ‘Other watermarks on same sheet’ (information on presence of other watermarks on same sheet), ‘Watermark’ (image),  ‘Location of watermark on sheet’ (image), ‘Notes’ (other information), ‘References’ (to published watermark catalogues). The general index permits focused access to individual entries on the basis of watermark ID and choir book sequence, watermark type, and chronology.


Composer Name Named In Birth/Death
Biffi, Antonio Choir Book 1 (1)
Choir Book 2 (1)
Choir Book 4 (2)
1666/67 – early 1733
Cavalli, Francesco Choir Book 3 (1)
Choir Book 4 (1)
Choir Book 4 (2)
before 14/02/1602 – after 14/01/1676